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"Glück Auf!" - Welcome to the Salt Mines! Fascinating Salt Worlds

Feel the magic of bygone days and immerse yourself in a magical realm of glistening salt crystals, mystical salt lakes and mysterious mine tunnels, where history comes alive. Welcome to a fascinating subterranean adventure. Welcome to Salt Worlds!

Venerated as a "gift of the gods", traded like gold: This natural resource shaped the history of Austria in general, and the areas surrounding the city of Salzburg in particular. Cities such as Salzburg, Hallein and Hallstatt, as well as regions like the Salzkammergut owe their names, but also their prosperity, to salt. Even all the way back in Celtic times, it began playing an important role in the nature and culture of mankind, while in the Middle Ages it was the most important trading commodity there was. The significance of this historic mineral is also reflected in the fact that Salinen Austria AG boasts the longest uninterrupted corporate history in all of Europe. No wonder, then, that salt also became known as "white gold".

Feel the Magic

Even as you pull on the protective clothing, you can feel your anticipation grow at the prospect of your impending adventure deep within the mountain. And by the time you begin your ride into the darkness on the mine train, you will truly sense the awesome magic of this millennia-old mine. Farther into the mountain, it isn't only children's eyes that will light up with excitement at the sight of the long miners' slides. Led by professional guides, you will explore the fascinating world below ground, discover tunnels that stretch out for kilometers, hear stories about the lives of those miners of old, and learn how "white gold" got its name.

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Welcome to the Salt Mines – we look forward to seeing you here!

Experience a fascinating world deep below ground, a world in which the miners wrested "white gold" from the earth, one arduous meter after another. At the salt mines in Hallein, Hallstatt and Altaussee, you will immerse yourself in a world that appears both very alien, and yet so familiar, all at the same time.

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